Our Customers Speak
It is such a treat to walk into the house and have a complete absence of the smell of smoke. I had a friend over who had been there when the smoke odor was so thick. After several hours of visiting we both suddenly realized how much we could enjoy the house now that the smell of smoke is no longer present. Berna Davis, Realtor 

Things came out super at the apartment. Thanks again for removing that terrible smoke odor! We are hoping to rent the place ASAP Thanks for all your help! I highly recommend your services for everyone because the process works!! Clarissa Spears, Property Manager, M&M Property Mgmt.

Cheryl Coburn, Home Pointe Property Manager, says, "I thought you did a wonderful job of eliminating the smoke smell. This is the first time I've used this kind of service and I have to admit I had my doubts it would work."

Real Estate broker and leasing agent Laura Mickulecky has twenty-five years of experience. One of her duplexes was vacant, but the “nonsmoking” tenant had smoked so heavy for seven years that the ceiling was dark nicotine yellow. It smelled like an ashtray. Laura and husband Ed were skeptical that we could help, but they could not believe the results. Ed is a former smoker who quit through aversion therapy, and cannot bear the smell. He said that the result was as pure as could be. His nonsmoking son visited the unit for the first time and said, “What’s the fuss? There’s no smoke odor here.” Ed says we did “a hell of a job,” and "saved us a bunch."


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