Is it "Ozone"

How Are UV Oxygen Radicals Different from "Ozone"?

Our UV Process energizes oxygen in the air, just like the sun does in the stratosphere, to generate high purity oxygen radical (ozone) gas. This gently and deeply lifts odors from surfaces of all kinds, allowing us to perform extended deep treatments without undesirable side effects. It also flushes completely from the home, so that a home is show-ready as soon as we complete the process.

On the other hand, "ozone" used in disaster restoration is generated in a high voltage discharge, which literally rips air molecules apart. While this does create ozone gas like the UV Process, it also burns the nitrogen in the air into Nitric Oxides, which combine with moisture in the air to make Nitric and Nitrous acids. These leaves a pungent residue that not only last for days, but is corrosive to chrome, copper, steel, and galvanized metal. In extended lab experiments with high voltage ozone, it actually removed the chrome from the doorknob and zinc from glavanized screws!

For a thorough, gentle home odor removal, you can depend on the UV Process.

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