Do we have any competition?

Not when it comes to serious odor problems like yellow-stained walls from decades of smoking, or the pungent residue of The Cat Lady's two dozen residents. We guarantee to remove trouble odors completely.

Competing solutions cost thousands of dollars and may still leave an objectionable odor. From a major disaster remediation company's web site: 'Though it would be nice to be able to plug in a “magic” machine ... to eliminate tobacco smoke problems, such products simply do not exist. The only effective way to remove tobacco residue and smell is through very thorough cleaning and then sealing all structural surfaces.' 

Sure, they recommend expensive like new carpets, paint, and sealing the floors, because that's the business they are in. Pure Oxygen Radicals let us deep-treat for extended periods to eliminate the odor of even dripping yellow nicotine stains, without side effects of industrial ozone machines. 

You will still need to remove or seal stains, but the odor will not penetrate new paint, since it will be gone. Not only that, but we remove odors from surfaces that are impossible to clean or paint, such as the interior of A/C ducting.

We charge a modest fee, of $500 and up for the service. This is much less than you would pay to rent the same equipment we use. If, that is, you had a physical chemist develop a fool-proof process.

Who Ya Gonna Call?  Save time and money and call us at 916-880-5335.

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